Fitness ROW 12’ Inflatable SUP

Specially designed for full fitness on the water the Fitness Row 12' Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board offers extra stability for paddlers, rowers or yoga lovers of any weight or size. Non-existent on any other SUP are the special deck rings that make mounting or removing the Oar Board® Rower way easier than passing the Read more

Adventure ROW 13’4” Inflatable SUP

Imagine you are off exploring unknown waters, you have along your camping gear, clothes and food all packed in dry bags lashed to the foredeck. Nicely strapped on the back deck is your Oar Board® and scull blades. You are standing tall surveying the domain while paddling along. You realize there’s still a few extra Read more

Adventure ROW 16’ Inflatable SUP

It's a mighty long paddle board! It's like having two or more boards in one that makes the Adventure Row 16' SUP so great. And it's an inflatable so it's lightweight, portable and tough. It carries up to 475 lbs on deck. Couples and friends who like to paddle or row with their partner or Read more

How To Row the Oar Board® with Andrea Guyon

Andrea Guyon is passionate about sculling, in particular "all water" rowing in all kinds of wind and wave conditions. She is a very experienced all water rower and an open water rowing instructor. Andrea covers the basics of sculling the Oar Board™ fit-on-top rower unit on a standup paddle board. Good technique is essential to Read more

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