How To Inflate Your Adventure or Fitness Row SUP

Ok! Now that your order has arrived and you’re ready to hit the water, it is time to pump up your Adventure or Fitness Row SUP. Having an inflatable board is ideal for travel and makes storage super easy, plus it only takes about 15 mins to pump up and you can do it yourself. [...]

12 Yoga Positions on a Stand Up Paddle Board

If you ask people the best way to stay fit and keep relaxed, a good number of them will say Yoga, the rest will tell you to be by the water, paddling, rowing, swimming or just breathing it all in. Luckily, some forward thinking individual combined these two relaxation and fitness passions into SUP Yoga. [...]

Oar Board® Rowing

This video is about Rowing an SUP with the Oar Board® sculling unit. The Oar Board® is for Rowing and Sculling. Add a new dimension to your SUP. Like us are you passionate about the power of rowing for health, fitness and mental relaxation? For a fraction of the price of a rowing shell, no [...]

The Oar Board® SUP Fit-On-Top Rower

This is the loop video that has proved to be very popular at any Oar Board® demonstrations, and in conference and event displays. The idea of this video is to show people how it works, how well it works, and to share the benefits, all in under a minute and a half! Discover more about [...]

Fitness ROW 12’ Inflatable SUP

Specially designed for full fitness on the water the Fitness Row 12' Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board offers extra stability for paddlers, rowers or yoga lovers of any weight or size. Non-existent on any other SUP are the special deck rings that make mounting or removing the Oar Board® Rower way easier than passing the [...]

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