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We sell everything needed to row or paddle. Buy the Oar Board® for your own SUP or our inflatable SUP Combo Package. 2 in 1 Row or Paddle. In under five minutes the Oar Board® straps onto any paddle board over 10’ (304cm) long turning it into a performance rowboat. The Oar Board® easily folds down for transport in its wheelie storage bag.

How would this expand my world?

We designed the Oar Board® after hearing from many people who wanted a less expensive, easy way to get the many benefits of rowing their rivers, lakes and coastlines. If you’re new to rowing or even a seasoned rower, an Oar Board® can help make you healthier and happier!


People are intrigued by the way an Oar Board® turns a paddle board into an entirely new experience. Family and friends will line up to give it a try. Rowing at your nearest lake, river, bay, or even while on vacation by car or by air travel is now possible.


Designed for any paddle board 10’ and over, the Oar Board® unit arrives in its wheelie travel bag partially assembled. Set up takes 5 minutes requiring no extra tools. A pair of stainless steel Kwik Lok buckle straps are included for attachment to the paddle board. The foot board is adjustable to fit the smallest to the tallest rowers. Our unique carbon fiber sculling oars break down into two lengths for easier storage, handling, and transport. These also fit into the wheelie travel bag.

See our Oar Board set up videos on our FAQ page.


Our Combo Package includes Adventure Row Paddle Boards that are designed specifically for use with the Oar Board® units. These tough inflatable SUPs have special deck rings that make strapping your units to the top of the board a quicker and simpler process. They also come with ample cargo area so you can bring along lots of gear, kids or even the family dog. The Oar Board® Combo Package is about 1/3rd the cost of a comparable quality rowing shell.

Four combo choices!


Olympic Gold Medal Rower Adam Kreek says:

“Everyone needs an Oar Board®. They are lightweight, compact, and stable. Perfect for new rowers to learn to row or for experienced rowers looking for fitness, fun and adventure. Perfect for calm water even fun in wind and waves, morning, afternoon or evening!”


The History of the Oar Board®

The sliding rigger rowing system is not a recent invention. An early patent was filed for a similar rowing unit way back in 1905 however the German Olympic rowing challenge of 1985 saw a revival of the technology. Thorough development and testing was conducted by the German Olympic challenger team.

When it was found that the sliding rigger system was substantially faster when used on a racing shell, the Olympic governing body banned the German sliding rigger technology from being used in the 1988 Olympic challenge on the grounds of an unfair speed advantage. Sliding rigger rowing systems disappeared from the rowing scene until now, with the development of the Oar Board®.

Why the Oar Board® Rows So Well

On a sliding seat, the rower’s full body weight moving back and forth on the tracks causes a boat to slow down on the glide or recovery part of the row stroke. This does not occur with the Oar Board® with its fixed seat and sliding rigger. Maintaining steady trim as the hull passes through the complete duration of the row stroke is also what makes it possible to smoothly row with the much shorter paddle board type of hull.


Row With A Friend

Row with a friend or by yourself with the Adventure Row 16 SUP and Rower Combination Package, which can be a double or a single position rowboat with one or two Oar Boards® installed.


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For further information regarding ordering the Oar Board® Rower, the custom designed paddle boards, or the unique two-part carbon fiber sculling oars, please contact:

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