Oar Board® SUP Rowing Thanksgiving Special Offer October 5-16

Here at Oar Board®, we have put together a Canadian Thanksgiving Special Offer for both Canadians and our friendly neighbours to the south. From now until Canadian Thanksgiving we are offering No Sales Tax and a Special 15% Discount to customers in Canada and the United States. This offer is good until October 16. Call or connect with me online to take advantage of this special, Canadian Thanksgiving, holiday offer!

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Rowing or Paddling

Fitness, Fun & Adventure

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Teach Yourself To Row!

The Oar Board® Rower fits onto any paddle board 10’ and longer.

Oar Board® Rowing Fitness, Fun and Adventure

Combo Packages have everything you need to row or paddle.

Oar Board® Rowing Fitness, Fun and Adventure
Oar Board® Rowing Fitness, Fun and Adventure

Why the Oar Board® Rows So Well

On a sliding seat, the rower’s full body weight moving back and forth on the tracks causes a boat to slow down on the glide or recovery part of the row stroke. This does not occur with the Oar Board® with its fixed seat and sliding rigger. Maintaining steady trim as the hull passes through the complete duration of the row stroke is also what makes it possible to smoothly row with the much shorter paddle board type of hull.

Oar Board® Rowing Fitness, Fun and Adventure

The History of the
Oar Board®

The sliding rigger rowing system is not a recent invention. An early patent was filed for a similar rowing unit way back in 1905 however the German Olympic rowing challenge of 1985 saw a revival of the technology. Thorough development and testing was conducted by the German Olympic challenger team.

When it was found that the sliding rigger system was substantially faster when used on a racing shell, the Olympic governing body banned the German sliding rigger technology from being used in the 1988 Olympic challenge on the grounds of an unfair speed advantage. Sliding rigger rowing systems disappeared from the rowing scene until now, with the development of the Oar Board®.

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