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Convert your paddle board into a hot sculling boat!

$995.00 USD - shipping, board, & oars additional.

Easy to ship!  Stows compactly!  Worldwide delivery!


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  1. Oar Board™ fit-on-top Rower

    Regular Price: US$995.00

    Special Price US$796.00

    The Oar Board™ turns a paddle board into a fast stable light weight totally portable sculling boat in less than 5 minutes. The combined strength of both legs driving together powers up a pair of ultra light carbon fiber sculling oars.This means that you almost FLY across the water!

    20% off Holiday Special

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  2. Waterproof Pouch
    Waterproof to 20 meters, for 30 min. Learn More
  3. 9'6" (289cm) Two Part Carbon Fiber Sculling Oars

    9'6" (289cm) Two Part Ultra lightweight and extremely strong these carbon fiber sculling oars are perfect for rowing the Oar Board™.

    Learn More
  4. Adjustable Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle
    Ultra lightweight SUP paddle for paddlers of all heights. Learn More
  5. Forward View Sculling Mirror
    Forward view sculling/rowing mirror perfect for crowded locations. Learn More
  6. Stern Light / Camera Mount
    Combo stern light (provided) and GoPro camera mount. Learn More
  7. SUP Dolly
    SUP dolly featuring a handle that allows easy launching and retrieval of your paddle board with the Oar Board™ fitted in place. Learn More
  8. KanuLock Tiedown Straps
    Stainless Steel reinforced tie-down straps cannot be cut with a knife and the lock system is completely effective as well. Learn More

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8 Item(s)

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